Are you looking for just the right name for your little furbaby? It’s never an easy task. You want it to be perfect and it has to fit. One of the more fun sides of rescue and a perk is getting to name the cats we helped. The cuter the name and sweeter the picture the better odds a foster cat has to find a forever home. My daughter and I used to spend hours creating name lists. When a cat (or two or three!) came to stay with us we studied their personality and observed all the funny quirks for several days while getting them adjusted. Confident our list held the perfect name.


What’s In A Name

For some, a name is just a name. Nothing special or original. Nothing that captures their spirit or our imaginations. The same old names used a hundred times over. What about the bold, the unique – and the cute! I believe what’s in a name matters.

My Female Cat’s Names

10 Cute Female Cat Names




10 Cute Female Cat Names Maci



10 Cute Female Cat Names Tamsin


My Daughter’s Cat’s Names

Of course, my daughter forgot to send me pictures of her cats. I only reminded her about 20 times. Anyway, these two girls are beautiful sleek and black. Ava has dark green eyes and Runi has amber color eyes.



5 More From Our List

Sadly, I don’t have access to these kitties files since I’m retired from the rescue, therefore, I have no pictures to share. On a good note, I personally found great homes for all these babies. Good pictures – cute names, that did it!






Feel free to use any of the names. The cats don’t mind! Let me know what you think about the list. And please share your ideas and favorites too I’d love to hear them.

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