Having a cat spray in your home is a horrific experience. Cat urine can forever ruin your home and all the important objects in it. Finding a quick and thorough solution is imperative. With so many products and advice on the market today, you’d think solving the issue is as easy as pressing a button – order – receive – and you’re done. In reality, most products won’t work entirely on their own or without knowing exactly how to utilize them. Before you give up on your cats please read this article, you may find just what you’re hoping for – a viable solution.


Ruling It Out

Before jumping in feet first ordering products and training material let’s rule out a few top factors that may be causing your cat to spray.

Is your cat spayed or neutered?
Does your cat have an infection? (urinary, kidney)

A spayed or neutered cat is unlikely to spray your home. In most cases, if your cat is fixed, especially at an early age, this will prevent these type of behaviors. However, there are always exceptions to any rule and other underlying issues can cause a fixed cat to spray, such as health and stress.

How To Stop Cats From Spraying Indoors Health can be a leading cause of not only spraying but regular urinating outside of the litter box. A trip to your veterinarian can rule out any health problems. A blood or urine test or combination of both will inform you of any issues. Depending on the results your veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics or other instructions on how to get your cat better. As your cat heals the spraying should gradually cease. If all the above has been ruled out don’t panic – keep reading.


It Takes Time

How To Stop Cats From Spraying Indoors

One very important measure I would like to emphasize is any method you use to stop cats from spraying indoors will take time. Once your cat is spraying the problem already exists. Whether you use some type of training, products or it’s a medical issue instant results are a myth. If a product or person tells you this they are not truthful or simply has no clue.

We live in what I call an instant world, everything we do and want seems instant. We want it and we want it now. Sadly, there are many things in this world that still take time, this being one of them.

Have patience with the issue. Have patience with your cat, if he or she is spraying there is something not right, perhaps they are stressed or experiencing a health problem. Your cat is not doing this for spite or fun.

Cause and Effect

How To Stop Cats From Spraying IndoorsCertain situations causing the effect of spraying may be handled by eliminating and/or removing the problem. For example; While working at the rescue I received a call from an older lady wishing for me to take her cat. Why? Her cat of 8 years starting spraying her home. She’d tried a few methods such as changing litter, litter boxes, moving the litter box and so on with no luck. She simply could not take it anymore. Of course, I asked if her cat was fixed and if any health problems were ruled out, all that was done too. But I preceded to ask if anything in the home or around the home had changed. I thought perhaps her cat was stressed. She explained nothing had changed, but during an extended conversation she mentioned a feral cat hanging around her house and she put out food for it (I do the same too). However, in this case, the feral cat somehow stressed her cat. How do I know? First, our rescue found a sanctuary for the feral cat, secondly, I told her the products to get and how to use them. After about 2 months the need for the products ended. The cat stopped spraying and got to stay at home.

Therefore, some effects can completely be eliminated simply by removing or controlling the cause. But remember, not all things will be in our control.

Trying to figure out the underlying cause of spraying could prove beneficial, although this can be easier said than done. Just ask yourself a couple of questions:

Has anything in my home changed?
Has anything outside around my home changed?

If nothing comes to mind, that’s okay, it may hit you later or the changes could be so subtle that only your cat will notice. Most likely it is something you’d probably never think of. If you do, and there is any way you can control it, do it as soon as possible.

Do you have multiple cats? A multiple cat home will more likely have at least one cat with spraying issues. This is due to stress. Yes, some cats will get stressed in multiple cat situations. It’s hard to determine exactly why, litter box sharing issues, territorial concerns, or one cat is bullying the other are some triggers. Please don’t get rid of any of your cats because I said this! It’s obviously a situation out of your control and that isn’t the answer but I do have a solution.



This is how to stop cats from spraying indoors. Remember, this is gradual – not instant! But it will work. All these must be used at the same time and exactly how I describe.

You will need to use the Thunder Ease diffuser
The ThunderEase spray
A Sentry calming collar for each cat
ThunderWunders Calming Chews or Gel

Nature’s Miracle Cleaner
White Vinegar

This may seem overkill but spraying is an aggressive problem and must be treated accordingly.


Nature’s Miracle Cat Urine Destroyer – White Vinegar or Both:

While you’re following the regimen and using all the products below, you are going to want to start cleaning all the spots your cat sprays. The only two products that even come close to remotely working is Nature’s Miracle and White Vinegar. I alternate both products.

For the vinegar use a plastic spray bottle, fill the bottle with half and half of bottled or distilled water and the vinegar. I have not come across any floor or object in my home that the vinegar harms, but please, always do spot tests.How To Stop Cats From Spraying Indoors

Nature’s Miracle comes premade and can be used on a variety of household objects, floors, and walls. Make sure to read the entire label and instructions before use.

There is no product that will completely remove cat urine that has saturated, not any that I have found and I’ve spent hundreds of dollars trying. We may not smell or see it anymore but a cat will. Your only hope is to catch a urine spot that just happened, clean it, and for your cat to never use that spot again. This would be nice but we know this isn’t the likely outcome.

Even when a cat stops spraying in a particular spot, keep cleaning that spot. Clean the spot daily, if possible, and at least a three month period.

ThunderEase Diffuser:

This is the starter kit. It will come with a plug-in diffuser and two refills. Each refill lasts thirty days. You will need several of these or purchase a larger pack. You need to place at least two plug diffusers in any room of the house your cat frequents. Always keep an eye on the diffuser and do not let it run out. For very large rooms, you might consider using three to four diffusers for full effect.  The diffusers state each refill covers up to 700 square feet. Regardless, I still suggest two in normal size rooms.

What does this do? The all-natural, drug-free solution mimics a mother’s natural nursing pheromones, in turn, it naturally calms your cat. The diffuser is odorless to humans.

ThunderEase Calming Spray:

The ThunderEase spray has the same solution as the diffusers. The spray is not to be used directly on a cat, instead, you want to spray all the cat’s toys, blankets, bedding, condos, cat trees, etc. How To Stop Cats From Spraying Indoors Plus spray anything else in the home (make sure to spot test) that your cat comes into contact with like your bed and furniture. Use the spray once weekly. Remember to read the entire safety and precautions before using. The spray can be added directly to the ThudnerEase Shirt For Cats – I’ve added this below.


Sentry Calming Cat Collar:

I use the Sentry collar simply because ThunderEase has not manufactured collars for cats just yet that I have found. At the time of needing a calming cat collar, there weren’t many on the market to choose from. After some thought and reading reviews, I decided on the Sentry. It worked very well in conjunction with the other products. The collar lasts up to thirty days. My cats did not seem bothered by it or had any known allergic reactions.

ThunderWunders Cat Calming Chews or Gel:

What are calming chews and gel? The chews and gel are a bit different than the other Thunder products.

I have listed both because I’ve found that not all cats like treats. But all cats will lick stuff off their paws. If you have a picky cat you know does not take treats, choose the gel, you will be wasting time and money otherwise.

The gel uses ingredients known to naturally soothe and calm a cat: “NATURAL INGREDIENTS like oat, chamomile, passion flower, and catnip help calm and soothe your cat while they clean themselves”

The chews also use natural ingredients but of a different nature: “THIAMINE, L-TRYPTOPHAN, AND CHAMOMILE help reduce stress and tension, promoting rest and relaxation”

Use the chews and gel as directed on package instructions.

ThunderShirt For Cats:

I have not personally used the ThunderShirt for cats but I know it is very effective for dogs (both my dogs have one). This might be another beneficial product to add to the regimen. Or if you are already aware your cat is stressed or has anxiety issues this might be a helpful product in general. This might take some time for your cat to get used to, as cats are not keen on objects like this being placed on them, again, I haven’t tried so I cannot say for sure. I’m sure this will depend on each cat individually.

The Day Will Come

The day will come when your cat doesn’t spray any longer. The products and steps will work it is up to you to have the patience. It will take at least one full month for the effects of these products to spread through your home and begin affecting your cat. You may see slight results in the first month but full elimination of spraying could take up to six months or longer. Remember, if you are able, it’s best to remove or eliminate the cause of the effect for the best results.  Keep with it and soon you will see a gradual decrease in spraying and eventually it will stop. If you have questions or need more help with your cat spraying please leave me a comment below I will help with suggestions anyway I can. Just want to discuss what worked or didn’t work for your cat, you can send me a comment about that too. I’d love to hear from you.

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